Mural: You wish to stand out from your competition by being visible to all? Look no further! An eye-catching mural is the answer! A mural will guarantee you the greatest visibility and will be striking to both your clients and your prospects. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor, a mural is a beautiful way of combining decoration and promotion!

At Groupe Lettra, we offer you a wide range of murals. You will find the concept range to be impressive as well as the many possibilities to make your mural a background that will reflect your quality image. We will be attentive to your needs and expectations, and will propose different concepts in order to completely satisfy you in your mural ad. Unbelievable sizes with the most extraordinary visuals, let us help you put images in your promotion and in your interior decoration that will catch the eye of all of your clients and future clients! 

Mural by Groupe Lettra :

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Mural : In your image!

Whether we work from your files, from your ideas and concepts or from our many designs and photos, we will transform your interior design or your ad an exceptional mural that will answer your needs and will completely satisfy you. Furthermore, our murals are easier to install than traditional wallpaper because they are specifically made for that purpose. We also stand out by the quality of our colours and by the resilience of our murals. In order to enhance your image or your advertising, give us your requirements and we will prepare an impeccable eye-catching image, satisfaction guaranteed!