First Impressions:
The Lettra Promise

"Every Lettra signature project is done with rigour and quality to always deliver excellence. To symbolize the importance of this promise, you can be assured that the work will be repeated until you are completely satisfied.”
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    Creation of visuals and production
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    Print production
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    Making an appointment for installation
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    Vehicle cleaning and decontamination
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  • Final inspection and delivery
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    Final inspection and delivery

The Lettra Warranty

When you hire Lettra for the partial or complete wrapping of your vehicle, you can be sure of receiving high-quality printing and installation of your advertising lettering. To do so, our team always makes sure to perform a complete inspection of the vehicle to identify areas where the vinyl's adhesion could be compromised and where its removal could damage the existing paint on the body.

Before installing a wrap on any type of vehicle, the following items are carefully checked:

  • Paint defects;
  • Dents and imperfections;
  • Rough surfaces;
  • Filling materials;
  • Presence of rust;
  • Chipped paint;
  • Repainted surfaces;
  • Areas susceptible to rust;
  • Areas where water is likely to accumulate.

Afterwards, the entire surface of the vehicle is cleaned and decontaminated to ensure optimal adhesion.

Lettra's Warranty Offers You:

  • 6-month warranty on perforated vinyl;
  • One-year warranty against lifting of the wrap;
  • 3-year warranty against excessive discolouration.

To be considered, any problem must be reported within 15 days and regular maintenance must have been performed. After this period, the warranty cannot be honoured. The 3M materials used by Lettra for vehicle wraps are of the highest quality and offer many years of durability. They are also designed to withstand the weather and the rigours of our northern climate.

To ensure that your vehicle trim remains intact and in good condition, always follow these maintenance tips:

  • Never go through a car wash;
  • Do not use a scraper on the window films;
  • Pressure-wash the vehicle with great care;
  • Apply a hand wax to further protect the vinyl.