Lettra offers printing services of the widest possible variety. For all your projects, be better seen thanks to superior quality printing. Besides offering you a professional and personalized poster, the print specialists of Lettra will help you select the product best adapted to your needs.

Displaying one’s colours could never be easier thanks to the variety of possibilities offered by Lettra. In particular, we print posters, signs, murals, self-adhesive stickers, backlights and banners, as well as many others. Whatever your project, you are sure to find the substrate that is best adapted to display your true colours.

By selecting Lettra for your printing needs, you will impose your image and are sure to be seen by more potential clients. A trusted team will advise you at every step of the development of your business project.


Lettra proposes a large range of products to create the sign that will best answer your needs. Whether it is for a short or a long term sign, we can certainly propose the solution best adapted to your needs. We offer different types of signs, like an alupanel sign that is strong and durable, a coroplast sign that is the most economical solution, a PVC sin or again a Sintra sign. Each type of sign offers different features and we are ready to help you select the one which best meets your needs. We build signs of different sizes and with different materials.

It is also possible to create a sign with a particular shape, printed on both sides or to incorporate lighting. We offer signs that can be used inside or outside. The possibilities are endless and we are there to help you throughout the creative and printing process of your sign. We offer a complete service including installing the sign if that is your wish. We guarantee quality results that meet your expectations! Your sign will create attention that can only bring you satisfaction!

  • Coroplast sign
  • PVC sign
  • Alupanel sign
  • Sintra Sign
  • Styrene sign
  • Foam Core Sign
  • Plexiglass
  • Advertising poster
  • Film poster


A sticker has many uses: for lettering, identifying your things, decoration, your vehicle, etc. Depending on your need, we will select the best material to make your sticker and we will select a sticker that can easily be removed without damaging the surface or a permanent one using strong glue. We only use high technology equipment that allows us to supply you with a superior quality sticker, made for to last for a long time. We can print small or large quantities.

We make different types of stickers: advertising, standard, descriptive, instructive, etc. We also produce MacTac (labels) stickers that will allow you to identify or personalize your things. Indoor, the sticker will enhance your décor. It is an original and inexpensive way of transforming your décor in a few minutes. The sticker, it is THE new tendency in decorating! Have you thought of putting a sticker on your ceiling or on your floor? It is also possible! We also make outdoor use stickers. No need to be experienced to put up your sticker, but if you prefer, we offer an installation service.

  • Car sticker
  • Wall sticker
  • Pressure sensitive label
  • Transparent sticker
  • Vinyl printing


The banner is the most versatile and inexpensive display product. Most often used in one-shot situations, in-store promotions, festivals, trade shows and exhibitions; it can be used in many different contexts indoor or outdoor since it is resistant to water and to harsh weather. It can be installed on a wall, between 2 posts, on a stair ramp, anywhere you wish your image to be seen! If needed, we can complete your banner by installing eyelets or Velcro to hang it. We also offer many types of supports. Printed on vinyl, the banner is display solution that is durable, easy to carry and to store (when rolled up).

We also offer the creation of roll-up banners (also known as banner holders and retractable banners) that are easy to install, stable and light to carry around. There are many formats available for your roll-up banner and it is possible to light them up with a halogen spotlight or LED lights. It is also possible to have them printed on both sides. You can also select a model on wheels for easy moving around. We offer printing on PVC or fabric and we have indoor and outdoor models. Another variation of the banner we offer: an oriflamme (standard) that can be put up perpendicularly to a wall and which is ideal for a classic look.

  • Roll-up banner
  • Advertising banner
  • Flag banner
  • X-frame banner
  • Print on canvas
  • Streamer


Mural: You wish to stand out from your competition by being visible to all? Look no further! An eye-catching mural is the answer! A mural will guarantee you the greatest visibility and will be striking to both your clients and your prospects. Whether it is for indoor or outdoor, a mural is a beautiful way of combining decoration and promotion!

At Lettra, we offer you a wide range of murals. You will find the concept range to be impressive as well as the many possibilities to make your mural a background that will reflect your quality image. We will be attentive to your needs and expectations, and will propose different concepts in order to completely satisfy you in your mural ad. Unbelievable sizes with the most extraordinary visuals, let us help you put images in your promotion and in your interior decoration that will catch the eye of all of your clients and future clients! 

Jobsite trailer

Your jobsite trailer follows you on every project. Why not personalize it and turn it into an image of your company? Show your colours everywhere your projects lead you, and let all of your professionalism and the quality of the works you’ve achieved be seen. While others use traditional industrial jobsite trailer, make use of the space available to you and stand out from your competition.

During your projects, you will also assure your company more visibility by personalising your jobsite trailer. You will let your company be known by people who, if they had only seen a regular jobsite trailer, would not have seen nor retained the name of your company. Let yourself be seen and make your presence felt on the job site, as your employees do. Your jobsite trailer will then carry the message of all the quality and performance of your team in realising the various projects.

Mutiple supports

Printed material by itself can have a considerable impact. However, because each project needs a support, we also offer you different types of easels and supports for all of your printed jobs. By selectin Lettra, you’re also relying on a professional team that will offer you the support that is adapted to your projects. Signs, banners or billboards can be made for all types of projects, but they also need an adapted support that will highlight them.

At Lettra, we offer different materials for creating your signs, displays and billboards so that you may show your true colours according to your criteria and needs. Each company and project is unique, the variety of products offered by our team allows us to adapt to the individuality of each one. Each project is also as unique as its maker. Our team will also take pleasure in helping you to select the right type of easel or multiple supports that will do justice to your printings.

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