Why choose truck lettering?

Truck lettering is an efficient and cost-effective way to develop your business, whether you are self-employed or have an entire fleet of trucks. By opting for truck lettering, you allow all the consumers you pass on the road to discover your business, since your vehicle acts as a mobile billboard. It's the perfect solution to develop and reach your potential customers!

A Truck Wrap Synonymous With Quality

Thanks to the professionalism and creativity of Lettra's team of vehicle wrapping experts, you can be sure that your truck's lettering will stand out and turn heads! You'll have a unique image that will set you apart from the competition. With the quality and meticulousness of the work that Lettra will do on your truck, you will always have an impeccable image of your company.

The lettering on your truck will become nothing less than a simple and effective business card that will give you great visibility and the notoriety you are looking for.

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Customized Truck Lettering

Lettra makes sure to meet all your truck wrapping needs. That's why you can have a custom design developed whether it's a partial or full wrap. Lettra's experts use only 3M products when wrapping your vehicle to ensure that the quality is impeccable and will last for years. The printing of the lettering is not left out; it always meets the quality criteria required by Lettra, guaranteeing a durable result that is resistant to the weather and variations in the northern climate.

For a truck wrap that exceeds your expectations, trust Lettra.

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