Why Choose Trailer Lettering?

By lettering your commercial trailer, you allow your business to benefit from an additional means of advertising, no matter where you are. A visibility that is always effective, on the road or parked, and that can be managed without you having to think about it. A great alternative to easily and efficiently reach new consumers.

A Professional Trailer Wrap

With Lettra's trailer wrap, you can be sure that your corporate image is synonymous with confidence and professionalism. Your trailer wrap will be personalized with your company's colours and will allow you to effectively and seriously position yourself in the market. Something to inspire the confidence of new customers!

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Vehicle Lettering to Promote Your Company

Doing business with Lettra also means having access to an infinite number of possibilities for your trailer wrapping. Whether you want a specific image or simply your logo and contact information, our team will create the wrap that best suits your needs.

To offer you the best possible quality, Lettra's experts always use 3M products when wrapping your trailer, either partially or completely. They guarantee that the work will be done with care and attention to detail, using products that will stand the test of time and withstand the worst northern weather conditions. Over the years, your trailer's wrap will remain impeccable and free of deterioration signs.

Working with Lettra is to ensure that your work is always well done and unique, with a quality that will clearly exceed your expectations.

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