Mutiple supports

Printed material by itself can have a considerable impact. However, because each project needs a support, we also offer you different types of easels and supports for all of your printed jobs. By selectin Groupe Lettra, you’re also relying on a professional team that will offer you the support that is adapted to your projects. Signs, banners or billboards can be made for all types of projects, but they also need an adapted support that will highlight them.

At Groupe Lettra, we offer different materials for creating your signs, displays and billboards so that you may show your true colours according to your criteria and needs. Each company and project is unique, the variety of products offered by our team allows us to adapt to the individuality of each one. Each project is also as unique as its maker. Our team will also take pleasure in helping you to select the right type of easel or multiple supports that will do justice to your printings.

Mutiple supports by Groupe Lettra :

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Mutiple supports : In your image!

Of course, a print from Groupe Lettra will get you more visibility. It is important that it be well thought out in carrying out your projects. By not taking into account the means of displaying your signs, banners and billboards of all kinds, you could miss the relevance of the achievement of your project. That is why our specialized team will stay with you to guide you in your choice of easels and supports for your small or large prints. You can be sure you’re in the right place at all times.