Jobsite trailer

Your jobsite trailer follows you on every project. Why not personalize it and turn it into an image of your company? Show your colours everywhere your projects lead you, and let all of your professionalism and the quality of the works you’ve achieved be seen. While others use traditional industrial jobsite trailer, make use of the space available to you and stand out from your competition.

During your projects, you will also assure your company more visibility by personalising your jobsite trailer. You will let your company be known by people who, if they had only seen a regular jobsite trailer, would not have seen nor retained the name of your company. Let yourself be seen and make your presence felt on the job site, as your employees do. Your jobsite trailer will then carry the message of all the quality and performance of your team in realising the various projects.

Jobsite trailer by Groupe Lettra :

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Jobsite trailer : In your image!

Coming on a jobsite with a personalized and unique trailer is also bringing a sales office in your image or the job site. Our team of specialists at Groupe Lettra could advise you on the design to adopt. You can be assured of the quality of the products used to personalize your trailer; just like you, our specialists have the concern to provide results that reflect their commitment.