Esthetic wrap

Vehicular wrap is an original way of displaying your colours. Besides getting the attention, this technique also protects the original paint all the while giving it a unique design.

At Groupe Lettra, our installers are all experienced and certified by 3M, thus insuring that the work delivered will be unequaled in its quality. Dedicated to offering you what is best for your projects, our team will also be able to recommend and guide you in realising your esthetic wrap. Groupe Lettra will support you in reaching your goals and make sure you are totally satisfied.

Apart from protecting your vehicle’s original paint, the esthetic wrap offers you an incomparable visibility. In fact you get, thanks to this proven personalisation technique, the ability of showing your preferred colours, and this, everywhere you go. Done and applied through an unequaled quality technique, an esthetic wrap will draw everyone’s attention. Daily, you will catch the attention of many people thanks to the unique design on your vehicle. All the reasons are good to show your true colours: because we know that you are unique, Groupe Lettra will help you realise an esthetic wrap in your image.

Esthetic wrap by Groupe Lettra :

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Esthetic wrap : In your image!

Each vehicle wrap is unique. Each one has his way of showing his colours and draw attention to themselves. This vehicular personalisation technique is an original way of giving a vehicle a completely unique design. Our team will gladly guide you in realising your project, so that you come away with a most striking result.