The backlight is a semi-transparent “film-sign” lit up from the rear, letting the light come through. Backlight can be used either indoor or outdoor with no problem. Most often, backlight is used with light boxes, i.e. restaurant menus, poorly lit areas and display window signs. Backlight can be used on a wall or on a post. Translucent, backlight offers great brightness and a uniform dispersion of light. Ideal for thin and narrow signs, we can create a backlight of varying format and size. The backlight will transform your ordinary sign into an eye catcher!

For your backlight, the possibilities are limitless and we are at your disposal to help you throughout its creation and printing process. We offer a complete service from design to installation. We will help you select the right colours, the appropriate style and lettering to meet your goals. Put your trust in our experienced creative team! We guarantee quality results at your level of expectation! Your backlight will turn heads and this will be very satisfying to you!

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Impossible to miss, the unique backlight that Groupe Lettra will create for you will assuredly be attractive and will increase your visibility! Groupe Lettra will make you a backlight that is effective and durable, quickly and at an affordable price. At Groupe Lettra, we guarantee you full satisfaction at each step of the process and results that go beyond your expectations.