Vinyl printing

Vinyl is used in making many types of signs. Available in many finishes (opaque, metal, chrome, pearl, translucent, fluorescent, luminescent, reflective, textured, etc.); it allows personalizing each project according to your needs. There are even 3D vinyls like the carbon vinyl and the imitation leather vinyl. Vinyl can be used indoor and outdoor because it is resistant and will last even in Quebec’s harsh climate.

A very popular use of vinyl is making pressure sensitive stickers. Whether it is used to improve the décor of your home, your office, your conference room, or your store, the vinyl mural is ideal to personalize your environment! Whatever the place, vinyl stickers are an easy and affordable way to refresh your décor and place you above the others. Have you thought of putting a vinyl sticker on your ceiling? It is also possible! The sicker doesn’t need glue and so you will not have bubble and streaking problems. The vinyl is THE new tendency in decoration!

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Another major use of vinyl printing is for car lettering. Putting vinyl lettering on your car is an unequaled solution of promoting your products or services. Display your colours and leave an impression every time you go out, whether it is for business or personal reasons! Reach out to people that you would have never touched before and develop your client base in an exponential way! The Groupe Lettra team is available to help you in finding the best vinyl product to reach your goals. We offer you a complete service from the creation to the installation, quickly and at affordable prices!