Print on canvas

A print on canvas is an excellent way to personalize your surroundings at home, at the office, in your conference room or in your store! A print on canvas is a simple and affordable way to refresh your décor and be noticed by others. A print on canvas offers you an element that cannot be found in a store. It is an extraordinary way to highlight a photo that brings back pleasing memories. We can also create a tailor-made design from your high resolution image files.

A print on canvas can also be used for short term events in order to stand out from your competition. Highlight your message with an attractive and unique print on canvas that everyone will notice! You can use such a canvas indoor or outdoor because we use UV ink. We can also print on an outdoor awning. We only use high quality technology equipment that allow for first class printing, all the while offering unequaled richness in colours for your print on canvas.

Print on canvas by Groupe Lettra :

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Different sizes are available for a print on canvas and we offer many materials for the frame such as wood and aluminium in order to complete the work according to your needs and your inspiration. The Groupe Lettra team is there to help you through the creation of your canvas. Your canvas will draw looks and you can only be pleased with that! Groupe Lettra will supply you with an efficient and durable print on canvas, at an affordable price and quickly. Put your trust in our team of creative experts!