Billboard: They are large size outdoor signs. Whether they are placed on buses, bus shelters, in the metro or on the side of a road, they offer exceptional visibility. What more can you ask for than to broadcast your image and message to thousands of potential clients with a single glance, and that, each day? Billboards remain one of the best advertising medium to this day and they guarantee you assured publicity!

The billboard, contrary to a magazine ad, is generally seen from afar. It then becomes indispensable to rely on a clear, simple and catchy message. The bigger the board, the clearer the message must be. A driver has but a few seconds to decipher the message. The message must have a maximum impact with simple visuals. Groupe Lettra puts at your disposal experienced specialists that will help you choose the message as well as the proper design for your billboard, all the while respecting your logo and the image you wish to convey.

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Billboard : In your image!

Whether it is to select the format, the message, the design or details linked to the printing, the professionals at Groupe Lettra will guide you throughout the process. Our billboards are designed and built in our shops, which allows us to offer you an unparalleled service as well as quick production and delivery. We can make your billboard with photo quality direct printing, on rigid support, according to your needs. We also propose finishes that are smooth, undulated, plastic or metallic, according to your project. For a billboard that meets your expectations, put your trust in Groupe Lettra, a proud partner in your success!