Roll-up banner

Roll-up banner, also known as banner standard and retractable banner, is a must for presentations in booths at trade shows. It will allow you to stand out effortlessly from the competition! At Groupe Lettra, we have everything you need, no matter what your field is! For your roll-up banner, the possibilities are limitless and we are there to help you find the perfect solution! With our personalized approach, we are attuned to your needs and we guarantee a first quality result, at your highest level of expectation, that will get you noticed.

We can create a solid roll-up banner that is easy to install and to carry. Our roll-up banners come in many sizes and we can light them up with a halogen spot light or LED lights. We can also make roll-up banners with back to back visuals. You can also select a model with wheels for easier hauling. We offer printing on PVC or on fabric and we have indoor and outdoor models.

Roll-up banner by Groupe Lettra :

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Roll-up banner : In your image!

Let your imagination go for a roll-up banner in your image! Very visible, the roll-up banners that Groupe Lettra will create for you will surely be attractive and increase your visibility as well as your traffic! Groupe Lettra will also create a long lasting and efficient roll-up banner with a superior finish, at an affordable price. We will help you select the colours, the style and the appropriate lettering to reach your goals. Put your trust in our experienced and creative team! At Groupe Lettra, we guarantee full satisfaction at each step of the process with a result that will exceed your expectations!