Transparent sticker

Transparent sticker: Whether it is for indoor or outdoor use, the transparent sticker can be used in many ways. If you want to create a small sign, an ad or descriptive message, we will answer all of your needs by combining our experience with your ideas. It lends itself to a professional as well as a utilitarian. Being transparent, we can print various shapes without having to cut them out, but also texts, your logo, or to create ad displays that you can stick to supports of your choice. Choose transparent stickers to bring out the essential!

Groupe Lettra offers you personalized transparent stickers of varying sizes, shapes and forms. Whether it is to print your logo, advertising posters or promotion signs, we will meet all of your needs by combining our experiences with your ideas. We also have transparent stickers that can be used underfoot to mark floors and guide your clients inside your business. We will guide you through our great range of forms and dimensions so the results will win you over. Groupe Lettra is THE specialist in its field and guaranties you a tailor-made transparent sticker, reflecting your needs.

Transparent sticker by Groupe Lettra :

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Transparent sticker : In your image!

With its 14 years of experience, Groupe Lettra is known by its clients for its excellent service, the quality of its products and its speed of execution. Working with a professional for your transparent labels is essential for best results. We guarantee we will answer all of your needs with results that will surpass your expectations. Come and tell us about your projects, we will create at the highest level of your image and this will insure you the exposure that you have always dreamed of! Groupe Lettra, a proud partner in your success!