Pressure sensitive label

Pressure sensitive label: Allows your products to wear your company name or brand of as well as its destination. In a way, it is the product’s identity tag. It is therefore essential that the label be visible, accurate and clean. Whether it reflects your company name or only the name of the product, the pressure sensitive label is an essential identification tool to be cherished, but also not to be designed haphazardly. That is why Groupe Lettra proposes one of the widest ranges of product identifying pressure sensitive labels in the market place.

Whether for short, medium or large print run, Groupe Lettra will adapt to your labeling needs. You want to stick them to a wall, on brick, on metal or on plastic? We will be glad to propose an adequate solution regarding the best type of adhesive needed to affix the label. In order to meet our clients’ needs, we offer high colour printing for your labels in a roll, in bulk or in sheets. Our specialists will be at your disposal to guide you in the best product selection to meet your needs and you will be overcome by the results that will surpass your expectations!

Pressure sensitive label by Groupe Lettra :

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Pressure sensitive label : In your image!

Groupe Lettra also has a graphic design creative service that will be able to put forward your ideas and suggestions. We are proud to offer you quality products and highly “design”, whatever the shape it will be cut to. Because the pressure sensitive label will be the final touch to your packaging, use a real pressure sensitive label professional. Come and meet us, we have your success at heart!