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Wall sticker: Whether you are looking to decorate your home, your office, your conference room or your store, wall stickers are ideal to personalize your environment! Regardless the location, a wall sticker is a simple and inexpensive way to refresh you décor and to stand out from others. Wall stickers are the new “in things” in decoration! Have you thought of putting a wall sticker on your ceiling? It is also possible!

The wall sticker is made with professional grade vinyl specifically for an easy application (and reusable without damaging the surfaces or leaving a glue residue). Experience is not needed to install a wall sticker, but if you prefer, we also offer installation services. The wall sticker does not need glues, and so you will not have problems with bubbles or dripping. The vinyl is highly water resistant and can be used indoor and outdoor. Its resistance makes it perfect for children’s playrooms and bedrooms and they will be amazed by the special and unique look of their wall sticker! 

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Different shapes and sizes are available for your wall stickers and we can use your own photos and images or create a tailor-made design from our high resolution bank. Texts can be used such as a quotation or a thought to ponder. Let your imagination go! Thanks to Groupe Lettra’s creative team, you will get the perfect wall sticker, beyond your expectations, even more beautiful than you would have wished it! Of course, our services are affordable and we deliver quickly!