Car sticker

Putting a sticker on your car is an unequaled advertising solution to promote your products or services. Whether you want to advertise your company or a short term promotion, with a car sticker you will stand out wherever you go, at all times. Display your colours and leave your mark every time you go anywhere, whether it is for work or for personal reasons! Reach people who would have not otherwise discovered you and let your car sticker grow your client base exponentially!

A car sticker is an ad that will be exposed to thousands of eye contacts every day, in a multitude of contexts and at different times of day. A car sticker will draw in new clients! Installing a sticker on your car is a way of developing your business with no effort on your part! With Groupe Lettra, creating a sticker for your car will be a decision that is more than profitable for you! We are certain that you will be impressed by the results!

Car sticker by Groupe Lettra :

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It is possible to create a sticker that will entirely cover your car or only a part of it. The possibilities are endless and we will help you select the colours, the style and the appropriate lettering to reach your goals. Put your trust in our experienced and creative team! We guarantee a long lasting result, installed by a professional team. We only use high quality 3M products that are adapted to our harsh Quebec climate. At Groupe Lettra, we guarantee full satisfaction at each step of the process and results beyond your expectations!