Sintra Sign

Sintra sign: A rigid surface all the while remaining flexible, on which it is possible to print on both sides. The Sintra comes in 3mm or 6mm thickness. The Sintra sign can be used indoor or outdoor since it is resistant to harsh weather, even our Quebec climate. Other advantages: the Sintra is also scratch resistant. Furthermore, it is an excellent insolation because of its sound absorbing properties. To summarize, the Sintra sign offers an excellent price-to-quality rapport.

The Sintra sign’s principal usage is in exhibition booths, and for outdoor signs on buildings. However, whatever your needs, the possibilities are limitless and our team of creative professionals is available to work hand-in-hand with you to find the style, the lettering and the colours that best meet your situation. Sintra signs can be in different shape (rectangular or geometric variations) and with a mat or glossy finish. A great variety of colours can be used.

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Sintra Sign : In your image!

With Sintra, your sign will reflect perfectly your image, and everywhere you go, all heads will be turned towards you because a Sintra sign will undoubtedly make you stand out amongst your competition. With a Sintra sign, you will reach your goals. At Groupe Lettra, our objectives are to help you reach your goals and even surpass them. Of course, we offer you affordable solutions and work carried out quickly!