Alupanel sign

Alupanel sign; A sign composed of aluminium and polyethylene which makes it lighter than aluminium, but much more rigid and longer lasting. An alupanel sign has an extremely straight and smooth surface and can be printed on both sides in a variety of formats. The alupanel sign is a superior quality product with high UV resistance and so it can be used indoor as well as outdoor, even in Quebec’s harsh weather conditions. An alupanel sign is stainless, rot proof, corrosion resistant and chock resistant.

A alupanel sign is an interesting choice due to its rigidity and its impressive long life. Alupanel signs are often used in exhibition booths, advertising signs in stores, display stands, interior decorations and exterior information signs, but the possibilities are limitless. Whatever your need for an alupanel sign, you can count on our devoted professionals to find a solution adapted to your needs. At Groupe Lettra, we continually surpass our client’s expectations. Of course, we offer affordable solutions with quick results.

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An alupanel sign is very versatile since it is suitable for digital printing, silk-screen printing, vinyl application and regular printing. An alupanel sign is a new product that will undoubtedly make you stand out from your competition and all heads will turn to your sign, for all to see your message! You are then insuring yourself of efficiently communicating your message! With an alupanel sign, you will reach your goals!