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Whether it is a short film, a documentary or a film for the general public, no matter, Groupe Lettra offers you a complete range of services for your film posters! We can print different film poster sizes to be installed in many places. Your film poster can be placed in the metro, in restaurant bathrooms, on buses, on billboards, etc., allowing you to reach a maximum number of people. Film posters may be used indoor or outdoor since we offer a complete range of materials that you can select according to your needs.

Groupe Lettra does not only propose printing your film poster! We also offer a design service for your film poster. Whether you’re thinking of a poster with sparkling colours or one with a more sober look, our creative team is attuned to your needs and will support you in creating the poster that will draw crowds to see the film. The poster will assuredly capture the spirit of the film and will get the attention of all those who will come across it. At Groupe Lettra, we continually surpass our clients’ expectations!

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At Groupe Lettra, we wish to help you make a film poster that will guarantee you unequaled publicity! We make it a point to create a quality film poster that will arouse people’s interest and will entice them to go and see the film. At Groupe Lettra, we work to help you reach your goals. Of course, we offer you affordable solutions made in a short period of time.