PVC sign

PVC sign: Whether it is for a special event or for a permanent promotion, the PVC sign is the right choice to get your message across. A PVC sign can be installed indoor or outdoor and we guarantee a superior quality print job that is durable and that will resist any weather. It is possible to make a PVC sign in a large range of formats, always at an affordable price and on short notice, with a large choice of size and colours. The banner-type PVC sign is very useful since you can roll it, put it away and reuse it later.

It is possible to print on both sides of a PVC sign. PVC signs can be used indoor or outdoor since they lasts a long time, even in our harsh Quebec climate. A major advantage of the PVC sign is its lightweight for easy transportation, it can be placed on furniture or it can easily be suspended. To efficiently communicate your message, the PVC sign is one to hook on to!

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The PVC sign is generally used for advertising billboards and store signs, but the possibilities are limitless and the PVC sign turns out to be a shrewd choice for many uses. Whatever the style you are looking for, our team of devoted experienced and creative professionals will help you to select the colours, the lettering, the size as well as the perfect style so that your PVC sign communicates your message in the most efficient way. At Groupe Lettra, we guarantee full satisfaction at every step of the process and results that go beyond your expectations!