Whether it is for a permanent sign or for a one-shot deal, you will assuredly find what you need at Groupe Lettra! Finished smooth, undulated, plastic or metal, these are but a few options for your billboard, whether it is small or large. We create billboards on different supports like plastic, coroplast, wood, acrylic, foam-core, Plexiglass and aluminium. We are in tune with your needs to determine which material will best suit your situation, be it for a signaling billboard or an advertising billboard.

We can also create a magnetic billboard to temporarily personalize your vehicle. Usable in the summer as well as the winter, the magnetic billboard can be installed in a few seconds and lets you place an ad on our vehicle only when you need it. The magnetic billboard is a practical solution if you use your personal vehicle for your business. You can also interchange the billboard from one vehicle to another. Made of a magnetized rubber, it will not damage the vehicle and will stay in place even when you are driving at high speed on a highway.

Billboard : In your image!

For your billboard, the possibilities are limitless and we are there to help you find perfect solution for you! With our personalized approach, we are in tune with your needs and we guarantee quality results, to your expectations, that will make you stand out from the competition! We offer a complete service from creation to printing. Your billboard will draw attention and you can only be proud of it! Impossible to miss, the billboard that Groupe Lettra will create for you will surely be attractive and will increase your visibility! All heads will turn to look at it! Groupe Lettra will create a unique billboard for you that is efficient and long lasting. Put your trust in our experienced creative team!