The banner is the most versatile and inexpensive display product. Most often used in one-shot situations, in-store promotions, festivals, trade shows and exhibitions; it can be used in many different contexts indoor or outdoor since it is resistant to water and to harsh weather. It can be installed on a wall, between 2 posts, on a stair ramp, anywhere you wish your image to be seen! If needed, we can complete your banner by installing eyelets or Velcro to hang it. We also offer many types of supports. Printed on vinyl, the banner is display solution that is durable, easy to carry and to store (when rolled up).

We also offer the creation of roll-up banners (also known as banner holders and retractable banners) that are easy to install, stable and light to carry around. There are many formats available for your roll-up banner and it is possible to light them up with a halogen spotlight or LED lights. It is also possible to have them printed on both sides. You can also select a model on wheels for easy moving around. We offer printing on PVC or fabric and we have indoor and outdoor models. Another variation of the banner we offer: an oriflamme (standard) that can be put up perpendicularly to a wall and which is ideal for a classic look.

Banner : In your image!

We offer tailor-made banners in a wide choice of finishes and we can print them on both sides. Groupe Lettra will create for you a long lasting banner at an affordable price. We will help you in selecting the colours, the style and the appropriate lettering to reach your goals. The unique banner you will receive will efficiently communicate your message and draw attention from everyone who comes in contact with it. Put your trust in our experienced and creative team. At Groupe Lettra, we guarantee full satisfaction at every step of the process and a result beyond your expectations.