Plexiglass: Need a sign or a nameplate combining rigidity and design in your image? We have the solution! Let our specialists propose Plexiglass to you as a solution to your needs. This rigid plastic will guarantee you sturdiness and durability for your placards and signs, be they advertising or representing your company name as well as your logo. Give your conference room and offices a designed look by selecting Plexiglass for notice boards that reflect your values and company policies! We work to faithfully reproduce your image or any other digital printing that you need and we will propose the right solution.

At Groupe Lettra, we offer you many sizes of Plexiglass sheets so that you can find the format that bests suits your needs. The digital printing is done right on the underside of the Plexiglass sheet and allows the colours and photos to stand out, enhancing the contrasts and giving it a 3D effect. Furthermore, Plexiglass is more transparent and more resistant than glass. Consequently, the creation looks new for many years!

Plexiglass by Groupe Lettra :

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Plexiglass : In your image!

Whether it is an idea growing in your head or a precise design, we will be able to direct and guide you. Our specialists will develop a model for your approval before printing on the Plexiglass to make sure that your satisfaction is totally guaranteed! Combining your ideas and our experience, we will transform the Plexiglass into a decoration or a sign in the image of your brand. So, stop looking. To give your signs and plaques the best professional look, select Plexiglass.