Coroplast sign

Coroplast sign: The ideal tool for real estate brokers, sponsors (found at golf tournaments), election campaigns, for large distribution and temporary road signs, but they are perfectly suited in many other occasions. The Coroplast sign is very popular because it is both versatile and economical. It is rigid, light and allows displaying for a short and medium term in both indoor and outdoor application because it is resistant to chocks, water and the Quebec climate. The Coroplast sign will not rust or mould.

At Groupe Lettra, we know what you need, whatever your field! We supply Coroplast signs in varying thicknesses, in standard formats or tailor-made. The Coroplast sign is available in many colours, it can be printed on both sides and can be laminated if need be. We offer the possibility of adding an easel, Velcro or eyelets to complete the finish. Let your imagination run wild for a Coroplast sign in your image!

Coroplast sign by Groupe Lettra :

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Coroplast sign : In your image!

With a Coroplast, you have a sign that corresponds perfectly to your needs and everywhere you go, heads will turn towards your sign! With a Coroplast sign, you will reach your goals! We will help you choose the colour, the style and the lettering to meet your needs. Put your confidence in our creative team of experts! At Groupe Lettra, we guarantee full satisfaction at every step of the process and results that go beyond your expectations! Of course, we offer affordable results in a short period of time.