Foam Core Sign

The foam core sign is made up of a thin layer of foam sandwiched between 2 white or coloured cardboards. It is similar to a coroplast sign, but the finish is smoother and it is less resistant to impacts. It is therefore destined for indoor use only. Affordable, the foam core sign is ideal for one-shot situations, exhibits or industrial shows. An interesting thing about the foam core sign is that after being printed, you can continue modifying them with markers and paint.

As far as the finish is concerned, you can put holes in a foam core sign, put in eyelets or Velcro or even put it on an easel. You can select a glossy or mat finish. Different sizes are available, but we can also propose to have it tailor-made if need be. Double sided printing is also available. Let your imagination go for a foam core sign in your image! The possibilities are limitless and we are there to assist you throughout the creating and printing process of your foam core sign. We offer a complete service, even installing your sign if need be. We guarantee you quality results, at your level of expectation!

Foam Core Sign by Groupe Lettra :

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Foam Core Sign : In your image!

Your foam core sign will draw attention from which you will get great satisfaction! Impossible to miss, the foam core sign that Groupe Lettra will create for you will assuredly be attractive and offer you more visibility! With a foam core sign, you will reach your goals! We will help you select the appropriate colours, the style and the lettering for your needs. Put your confidence in our creative and experienced team! At Groupe Lettra, we guarantee you full satisfaction at every step of the process and results beyond your expectation!